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The practice is situated on the corner of Melville Road and Holyhead Road (opposite the Swallow Hotel)

Public Transport: Bus stop numbers are: 23, 23c, 42, 82, 900.

Tooth Whitening

The colour of our teeth often has an effect on how we feel about our smile. Tooth whitening can provide a relatively simple solution to enhancing the appearance and colour of your teeth. We use a home tray based system with a low concentration gel, which reduces the risk of sensitivity during the procedure.

The dentist takes a shade before treatment commences and then reviews the results a few weeks later. It is important that all the teeth are checked prior to this treatment to ensure all problems have been treated first.

A majority of patients find the results very pleasing and as there is no drilling of teeth involved this provides a great cosmetic result in a very conservative manner. Your dentist can advise you on the full procedure involved.